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About YEP

» What is YEP
Short & Long URL redirection service

YEP is a free service of short (and long) redirection URL. It converts any URL given to one personalized and easy to manage. Now you can create shorter URLs that can be easily shared and distributed through the Internet, posted to web sites and blogs without breaking in email messages.

     Example of URL conversion


     Into: or

» Anti-Spam Policy
Zero tollerance on spam submissions

We have policy that strictly forbid the use of YEP as veichle of spam. If unbecoming use of YEP for such purposes is discovered or reported, we will bring the responsible senders to the attention of all relevant ISPs and to the several anti-spam bodies include Spamcop,, Cloudmark etc. We also implemented a system that try to limiting the spam links generation though YEP, if you are a Webmaster of other short URL service fell free to contact us for some tips.

» Privacy
YEP respect privacy

YEP is not interested in and does not collect any sensitive personal information from users of this site other than the usual information contained in server logs or in our statistic reports.

» Security
Security @ YEP

YEP is a public and free service. We protect the confidentiality of information of our system. However, we do not guaranteed that the system is safe as on-line service.

» Terms of service
The provided service

YEP was created as a free service to make posting long URLs easier, and may only be used for actual URLs. This service is provided as is without warranty of any kind. You can check our P3P Policy validation.

» Support Us
Service survive

You can symbolic support YEP short and long URL free service, trough a small donation via PayPal:

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